We are one of Canada's largest shooting sports Pro Shops, carrying all major brands and providing custom ordering for almost any product available.

GIVEX Balance Check

GIVEX Balance Check

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In-Store Services

Scope Mounting

Just purchased a new scope, or maybe a gun and scope? Let us mount it properly for you. If either are purchased from us, we provide this service free of charge.

Bow Setup

Proper setup of a bow is essential. Timing, peep alignment and many other factors must be done properly. Let the pros do it right from the beginning in our facility..

Repair Services

We have some of the best trained and certified bow technicians in the country and a gunsmith close by. General repairs to all makes of bows and firearms are available. Custom services are available upon request.

Used Equipment Purchase & Sales

Do you have a non-restricted or restricted firearm at home that you wish to sell, but don't want to go through the steps required for private sale? Bring it to us (ATT required for restricted - PAL or Executor of Will required for all) and walk out with cash or cheque.